I owe my academic success to Liliana. She spent countless hours editing and perfecting my application to the Master’s of Nursing program at Seattle University. Thanks to Liliana’s hard work and passion to help me succeed, I am going to graduate as a Nurse Practitioner in June 2018. In addition to helping me get into schools, she has provided me with wonderful counsel and support as a mentor.
— Libby, Student NP

Charlene is intelligent, positive, resourceful, and will work diligently to help you achieve your goals. As my informal coach from nursing school to present day, her advice and encouragement helped me every step of the way in my nursing journey. In nursing school, she was the upperclassman who helped me and my classmates find volunteer opportunities through her medical outreach program. While looking for nursing positions as a new grad, she shared with me her own jam-packed, impressive resume, explained to me in detail the concept of Shared Governance, the Versant New Grad Residency, and conducted a mock interview with me with a detailed debriefing after each question. All these efforts helped me land the new grad residency of my dreams. Now, as an experienced RN looking for further education, she is again integral in my journey, introducing me to the right people to find shadowing opportunities and guiding me in choosing the right mentors.

Charlene is an amazing individual and nurse practitioner. I am so fortunate to have been her mentee for so long; it is about time she shares her skills with more lucky people! Charlene really is the perfect person to guide you in your successful path in nursing!
— Lisa, Prospective NP

Liliana has been my guide throughout my entire NP application process. It all started last year when I initially thought about applying to NP school. She was so willing to meet with me and look over my resume. She gave me honest feedback as to whether I would be a competitive applicant or not. She also gave suggestions as to what I could work on before I applied the upcoming spring, which was to volunteer an hour each week. When my school semester started, I signed up to volunteer at a hospice program right away, which helped contribute to my personal statement! When I started filling out the application, I asked her small questions when I was unsure of what to do and she always had a good answer. She also never thought they were dumb questions.

She was a huge help when it came to my personal statement, something I had the most trouble with. After my first draft, she edited it and wrote a few paragraphs of her thoughts and critique on the side. It truly needed a lot of work, but her criticism was worded perfectly in a way I wasn’t offended by any of it, unlike others who read my first draft and ‘tore it apart.’ Both of my critics had the same message, but Liliana’s words were much kinder to hear. After I re-wrote it, she again edited it and re-arranged some paragraphs to make it flow better. It was perfect. Later, I was fortunate enough to be offered two interviews, so she sent me all her documents that could help me prepare for them. When I had specific questions about how I should answer a particular question, she gave me even more advice that was helpful. Throughout the entire process, she has been one of my biggest supporters and I know my application would not have been what it was without her. I cannot thank her enough and would recommend her to any future NP applicant! She will make their application shine and will be a life saver through a confusing application process.
— Kimmy, Student NP

Charlene models the exemplary Nurse Practitioner. Her professionalism, knowledge, and passion has inspired and guided me through my NP program. I am grateful to know that she will always be a resource as I begin my career.
— Kelsey, Current NP

Liliana is absolutely AMAZING to work with, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in becoming a successful healthcare student! She mentored me on how to approach school to be successful, how to prepare for national board examinations, and how to prioritize self-care to be able to make it through a rigorous program while keeping my health and sanity. She responds to my messages very quickly, and she always goes above and beyond to answer my questions and help with whatever I need. With Liliana’s guidance, I completed my program with honors, I passed my boards on the first try, and now I am on my way to starting my dream job! Thank you for being the best mentor Liliana!
— Vera, Student NP