Meet Liliana Bogin, NP: Why I Chose Consulting

In my senior year of college, I started the process of applying to graduate programs to become and NP, and I had no idea how to approach the applications. I didn’t know if my volunteering and research were up to par, I had very little certainty that my GPA was competitive on a national scale, and I didn’t know how my GRE would measure up to others. I had tried my best to set myself up to get into graduate school and do well, but there was no information available to convince me that I was going to get in. In fact, I was convinced I wouldn’t get in anywhere because I had freaked myself out by reading online forums that talked about how hard it was to get into NP programs. For years I had volunteered, done research, studied, and studied some more, and I was worried it wasn’t enough.

Thankfully for me, I did get into NP school. In fact, I got into every school where I had applied (except one- I accidentally sent that school an essay I wrote for a different program about why it was my first choice; don’t make that mistake)!

I was simultaneously overjoyed and completely unsure of what to do next. Because I was so worried I wouldn’t get in anywhere, I hadn’t stopped to think about what I would do if I did get in. I was presented with amazing options for school, and had to decide which school was the right fit for me. This was almost as difficult as doing the applications. After weeks of research, countless pro-con lists, and informational interviews with anyone I could meet, I finally decided where I wanted to go. Two months later, I stepped foot into my new school for orientation. 

Apparently, it wasn’t just me:

Once I was in school and talking to my friends and classmates, I started to realize that uncertainty around applications and where to attend school were an experience we all shared. Due to the lack of information, my brilliant and highly capable classmates had felt entirely in the dark about their likelihood of getting into school and if they were choosing the right school. We all shared the stress that the process had caused and the disbelief that we were in a great program. That is when I first started to have the idea for consulting.

Throughout graduate school, I worked with countless hopeful NP students on anything from discussions on the types of programs to look into, to polishing their interview skills. As I watched these students succeed time and time again, I realized how helpful this service could be on a large scale. From there, the ideas for the “Prospective NP” portion of NP for Me were born. It is my goal to help bring transparency to the process of getting into and choosing the right grad school, letting people be as successful as possible with their dreams of becoming NPs.