Definitely, Maybe, Reach

When deciding where to apply, I want applicants to be confident they’ll get in somewhere! This is why I’ve developed the “Definitely, Maybe, Reach Chart”.


How to use the chart

When researching schools, find out what their average accepted student stats are, including GRE scores, GPA, internships, research, volunteering, etc. Using all of this info, make an educated guess about how likely you are to get into those schools. If you have approximately the same scores and experience as other applicants, write the name of the school in the maybe column. Do the same for definitely and reach.

Editing the chart

When you’ve finished researching, you should have options in each column. Next is time to edit your chart. If you have five schools in the reach column and only two under definitely, think about other schools that could be definite for you. You want to have the most schools under definitely, some under maybe, and one or two under reach. For example, if you apply to six schools, make sure you have three definitely, two maybe, and one reach. That way, you’ll still be pushing yourself with the maybe and reach schools, but you’ll also be confident that you’ll get in!