Interview Introductions (Part 2 of 6)

“Tell me about yourself.”

This question may be one of the most intimidating parts of an interview, and it is often asked first! Nailing the answer to this question will give you confidence and help set the tone for the rest of the interview. This question is really challenging because it seems like it requires someone to take their entire life and boil it down to a one to two-minute summary. Don’t get caught in this trap! No one can summarize an entire life in two minutes, so don’t try to do so. Instead, work on coming up with a bright, interesting way to communicate these points:

  • Where you went to school and what you studied
  • What volunteer/work experience you have that is relevant to the field
  • Why you decided to become a nurse practitioner
  • Something interesting about yourself that has nothing to do with school/work. This could include hiking, cooking, travel, your love of frogs, anything!

The last point is one that many people skip over, but is so important in showing that you’re a complex, real person behind the nerves of the interview. It’s an opportunity to talk about something you care about and have them get to see your excitement and interest. It’ll also make you more memorable, because interviewers will be able to recall that you’re the frog person.  


Once you’ve come up with answers to each of these, work on transitions that tie them together. After all this is done, practice. You want to get really comfortable with each of these points, and getting through them in less than two minutes. Time yourself! Do this alone and practice with a friend. Usually, you don’t want to sound like you’ve rehearsed in an interview, but this is one place where rehearsing will help get over nerves and bring confidence to the rest of the interview.