Questions for the Interviewer (Part 5 of 6)

After your interviewers have finished asking you questions, typically there is an opportunity for you to ask the interviewers a few questions back. Many applicants see this as a time to take a sigh of relief ("The hard part is over!"). 

While you may be driving the interview at this point, asking questions to the interviewers is still very much part of the interview itself. Plus, this is a great opportunity to really get to know the program, so take advantage of this time! Preparing questions that are specific to the school will help demonstrate your investment in the program. Further, you likely DO have questions about the program, so be sure to ask.

If you’re having trouble getting started about questions to ask, some common ones that I am asked on a regular basis by applicants include the following, and could help spur on your curiosity:

  • Is there an opportunity to work as an RN while in the program?
  • What is your program’s 1st attempt passing rate for NCLEX (RN board exam)? What about the AANP/ ANCC exams (NP board exams)?
  • Are we given clinical placements by the school, or are we expected to find our own clinical placements?
  • How quickly are graduates typically employed in their desired field after graduating?
  • What can I work on between now and the start of the program to be best prepared to start?

The questions above are applicable to most nurse practitioner programs, but you can (and should!) ask question that are specific to the program as well. As a result, these questions will take a bit more planning and research; but, it shows the interviewer that you’re invested and truly trying to understand life in the program.

There are an infinite number of questions that you could ask, so just make sure you’re taking this as an opportunity to ask questions you care about!