Editing the Personal Statement (Part 3 of 6)

Congratulations, you wrote your rough draft!

Finishing the rough draft is a huge deal, congratulations! Once you feel good about your first draft, sit on it for a couple days. Don’t read it, and as much as you can, try to forget about it. Revisit your rough draft a couple of days later for another read through. With this fresh look, things that weren’t clearly communicated or are missing will be much easier to see.

Story time

It’s time to read the essay out loud to yourself. Hearing things aloud is a great way to highlight awkward phrasing, places where transitions are needed, and anything that doesn’t sound like you. If you find something that sounds off, rewrite that sentence until it sounds good when spoken.

Once you feel good about how it sounds, have a friend or family member read it aloud to you. Something in your head may sound normal, but when you hear someone else say it, it’s easy to pick up on issues with sentence structure and word choice. Make adjustments as needed until the essay reads as a story while still highlighting your strengths and fit for the program.