Changing Up the Personal Statement (Part 5 of 6)

Using what you’ve already written

By this time, you’ve already written a stellar personal statement. The next step is making sure that your essay fits the prompt of each school. Some schools will have multiple questions they want you to address, and it is really important that answer each of their questions. This may seem difficult, especially when there are strict length limits, but it is doable!

You know your personal statement inside and out, so with this in mind, are there any parts of the new prompt that you have already covered? Chances are, they ask about your experience, why you want to be an NP, and what specialty you want to pursue. Each of these should already be answered in your original essay, so you’ve done a lot of the work already!

Changing your essay to fit the new prompt

If the prompt requires questions to be answered in a specific order, make sure you follow their guidelines. You can rearrange your original essay to do this by writing new transitions. This will make sure your essay still sounds like a story, but it’ll fit the school’s prompt.  


For other questions, such as why you are interested in that specific program, this is a great time for research. Spend time exploring the program’s website and take note of unique things that spark your interest. For instance, if the school is prestigious, they already know that. Instead, take this as an opportunity to say why you want to attend that program and why you would benefit the program. For example, do you want to do international medical work and they have a clinical placement abroad? That would be a perfect opportunity to show that you know about the program and you’re confident that it is the right match for your goals. Your conclusion already talks about the program and why you’d be a good fit, so this is a perfect place to work in what you researched.

Know what the school cares about

Schools want to know that your values match theirs, so use their mission and values (should be found on their website) to help frame your questions for specific prompts. For each essay, it’s important to communicate that your values are the same as the values of the school. This will show that you are the right fit for their program.